Courtesy of Grasshopper Film

New Release
In My Room

October 11–20
The latest film from rising German auteur Ulrich Kohler follows a man who’s lost in life and beset by a recent passing. Armin has nowhere to go and just as little to show for himself. Fate - or something like it - intervenes when Armin awakes one morning to discover that seemingly all of humanity has disappeared, leaving him to his limited devices. It’s a situation ripe for self-discovery, but the gift of maximum freedom comes with complications. 

"A film of meticulous details and sly, subtle ironies... Köhler takes a disarmingly realistic and restrained approach to a fantastical premise: the eternally popular fantasy of the last man on earth.” - Dennis Lim, Film Comment. A Grasshopper Film release.

Please note: The 4:00 p.m. screening on Saturday, October 12 is free for Members at the Film Lover and Kids Premium levels and above. All other New Release screenings are discounted for Members ($7 / Free for Silver Screen members and above).