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An Aardman Animation Sampler


The Aardman animation studio is best known for its stop-motion animation and the beloved characters Wallace and Gromit. This program is a sampler of their finest films. Running time: 59 minutes. Stuff vs. Stuff: “Walkman vs. Hoover” (2010, 2 mins.) Two appliances duke it out. Creature Comforts (1989, 5 mins.) In Aardman’s first Oscar winner, zoo animals are interviewed about their accommodations. Cracking Contraptions: “Shopper 13” (2002, 3 mins.) Wallace tries to deploy a store-to-home cheese delivery system. “The Autochef” (2002, 3 mins.) Gromit finds something awry with a breakfast-cooking robot. A Grand Day Out (1989, 23 mins.) In their debut, Wallace and Gromit build a moon rocket so they can sample cheese. The Wrong Trousers (1993, 23 mins.) In desperate financial straits, Wallace rents Gromit’s bedroom to a malevolent penguin.

Free with Museum admission.