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The Quispe Girls and Looking for Adventure


With director Kimi Takesue in person

The Quispe Girls (Las niñas Quispe)

Chile. Dir. Sebastián Sepúlveda. 2013, 80 mins. U.S. premiere. DCP from Pascale Ramonda. In the remote, almost primeval world of a nearly isolated Chilean mountainscape in 1974, three goat-herding sisters survive, somewhat rootlessly after the death of a fourth sister. Pinochet’s rise to power is a distant echo, and the new dictator’s edict against herding threatens their meager livelihood. The aging matriarch, Justa, is suspicious of the clothing salesman who visits occasionally; the youngest sister, Luciana, holds on to her romantic desires. Using a mix of actors (including Catalina Saavedra from The Maid) and non-actors, including Digna Quispe, the real sisters’ niece, this mesmerizing film, based on a true and tragic story, tells an intimate tale against a stark yet magnificent landscape. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival as part of Critics’ Week.

Preceded by Looking for Adventure

U.S./Peru. Dir. Kimi Takesue. 2013, 43 mins. U.S. premiere. Digital format courtesy of filmmaker. The experimental documentary filmmaker Kimi Takesue has developed a distinctive style marked by a striking sense of composition, color, and understated observation. Looking for Pleasure explores the pleasures, strains, and choreography of group tourism in Peru. Structured as a series of formal—and beautiful—tableaus, the film explores the tension between the commodification of Peruvian culture for foreign consumption and the tourist’s desire for new experiences and adventure. The film premiered at the Mar Del Plata International Film Festival.  

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