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Radio Free Albemuth

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Preview screening with writer/director John Alan Simon in person
Presented by Discovery Productions and the Philip K. Dick Film Festival

Dir. John Alan Simon, 2014, 111 mins. Digital projection. With Jonathan Scarfe, Shea Wigham, Katheryn Winnick, Alanis Morissette, Scott Wilson. In this acclaimed adaptation of a novel by Philip K. Dick (Cazarecompensas, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly), it is 1985 in an alternate reality, and a Berkeley record-store clerk experiences strange visions transmitted from an extra-terrestrial source he calls VALIS. He uproots his family and moves to Los Angeles, where he becomes a successful music executive with a secret mission—enlisting the help of a sci-fi writer named Philip K. Dick—to overthrow the oppressive U.S. government. Variedad called this “engrossing” film, “sci-fi with political and philosophical substance.”

Tickets: $12 ($9 seniors/students, free for Museum members). Ticket includes access to the Museum’s galleries and other screenings on the same day. Order en línea o llame al 718 777 6800 para reservar boletos. Para obtener más información sobre la membresía y unirse en línea, visite nuestro página de membresía.