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Todd Haynes in person with Lejos del cielo

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With writer/director Todd Haynes, costume designer Sandy Powell, and production designer Mark Friedberg in person

Dir. Todd Haynes. 2002, 107 mins. DCP. With Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert, Patricia Clarkson. A magnificently mounted and beautifully performed film that both evokes and subverts the craftsmanship and artifice of Hollywood studio filmmaking, Lejos del cielo is writer-director Todd Haynes’s most critically acclaimed film to date. Nominated for four Oscars, it swept the New York Film Critics Circle awards, including Best Film and Best Director. Both an homage to and an update of Douglas Sirk’s 1955 melodrama Todo lo que el cielo permite, the movie stars Julianne Moore as a 1950s housewife coming to terms with her husband’s homosexuality and her own romantic feelings for a black man. Haynes will appear in person for this special tenth-anniversary screening, to discuss the film’s astonishing craftsmanship, its political relevance for contemporary audiences, and his desire to make a film that would engage audiences intellectually and emotionally.  Haynes’s creative process is explored as part of the Museum’s exhibition PERSOL MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS: 30 historias de artesanía en el cine

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