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We Gotta Have It: The 20th Anniversary of the New Wave of Black Cinema

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In 1991, The New York Times Magazine ran a cover story about the unprecedented number of black films released by Hollywood. Produced both inside and outside the studio system, these films heralded the arrival of a new generation of filmmakers, including Spike Lee, John Singleton, Mario Van Peebles, Robert Townsend, the Hudlin brothers, and Matty Rich. The films released that year, including Boyz n the Hood, Nueva ciudad de Jack, Jungle Fever, y Straight out of Brooklyn, sparked a cultural explosion that still reverberates. Author and film critic Nelson George will open the event with a keynote address including clips from key films of the era, followed by live interviews, onstage and via Skype, with major filmmakers from the period.

The program will conclude with a town hall discussion, organized with the assistance of Sheril D. Antonio, Associate Dean at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and led by its faculty members. The discussion will focus on the trajectory of black cinema over the past twenty years, its impact on American culture, and its future direction.

Tickets: $15 public / Free for Museum members. Order en línea or call 718 777 6800 to reserve tickets.