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Elección de los curadores 2021

Sunday, Dec 19, 2021 - Feb 26, 2022

The Museum’s annual survey of some of our favorite films of the year returns with another rich harvest of cinema—and television—at its best. The first iteration since 2019, following a pandemic-dictated hiatus, Curators’ Choice 2021 evidences a year of stunning ambition, excellence, experimentation, irreverence, liberation, and fury. While 2021 was a challenging year for the movies, with Hollywood and audiences gradually returning to theaters, it’s been a wildly exciting time for international, independent, and festival-oriented films. From idiosyncratic musicals (Annette) to revisionist westerns (El poder del perro); from feminist noirs (Preparativos para estar juntos por un período de tiempo desconocido y nina wu) to deluded male melodramas (cohete rojo); and from exuberant family fare (Los Mitchell contra las máquinas) to masterful achievements in serial storytelling (El ferrocarril subterráneo), this year’s Curators’ Choice offers a wide-eyed, peripheral view of the current state of the cinematic arts.

Organized by Curator of Film Eric Hynes and Assistant Curator of Film Edo Choi.

Please note changes to the Curators Choice lineup, including rescheduled screenings, cancellations, and postponements.