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Tales in the Holoverse

Friday, May 27 - Sunday, Sep 11

Location: Amphitheater Gallery

In such tumultuous, polarized times, how can we use technology for community building and mutual understanding? Does technology have the capacity to bring us closer? The Museum is collaborating with creative technology studio Scatter on Tales in the Holoverse, a project that reimagines oral storytelling as a virtual, 3D experience and presents new possibilities for the future of the moving image. 

We invite you to participate in this project, and share reflections of how your life has been shaped by the extraordinary circumstances of the past few years. Participation can take the form of a deep-dive interview, or through spoken-word or dance performance. All video recording will take place onsite at the Museum. Please apply here. Residents of the Museum’s local community are especially encouraged to participate, but all applications are welcome. Using Depthkit volumetric video technology, Scatter will use these recordings to populate a vividly imagined virtual universe with the 3D likenesses of participants. 

Beginning July 21, this work, Tales in the Holoverse, built on an interactive game platform, will be presented in the Museum’s Video Screening Amphitheater. The stories will serve as a time capsule of an unprecedented era, allowing viewers a unique experience that goes beyond simple storytelling, offering an intimate view of a powerfully authentic, virtual community.

Tales in the Holoverse was created for Museum of the Moving Image by Scatter, an Emmy-winning creative technology studio and creator of Depthkit volumetric video software. The project is supported by the Knight Foundation with additional production support from Gotham Sound and Communications.