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What’s Old Is New Again: Confronting the Circumstances of Our Time

Friday, Nov 11, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Location: Bartos Screening Room

With Glenn Belverio and Vanessa Renwick in person

Featuring films by Vanessa Renwick and Glenn Belverio, this program spans more than 30 years, presenting a satirical, confrontational approach to coping with the absurd, often backwards political and societal machinations of the modern moment. Bombastic, riotous, poignant, and witty, these films provide commentary on culture critics then and now. Poetic and punchy in their approach, Renwick and Belverio bring a DIY, punk sensibility to their nonfiction work and the topics they explore that’s fresh, vital, timely, and timeless. Featuring molotov cocktails made from tampons, confrontations with a pro-life protester, Drag Queens for Jesus, Riot Grrrls, and more. 

Program includes:

Toxic Shock (Vanessa Renwick, 1983, 3 mins, 16mm)

Bad Grrrls (Glenn Belverio, 1993, 29 mins, video)

Worse (Vanessa Renwick, 1994, 5 mins, 16mm)

Equal Rights for Unborn Drag Queens (Glenn Belverio, 1992, 7 mins, video)

Next Level Fucked Up (Vanessa Renwick, 2016, 15 mins, digital file)