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The Caan Film Festival

This special September edition celebrates the life, career, and legacy of the legendary James Caan, who sadly died earlier this summer. The series brings together more than a dozen films spanning half a century.

Silents, Please!

This program features both well-known and recently unearthed silent treasures for audiences of all ages to enjoy, often presented with live accompaniment.

World of Animation

This monthly series presents both classic and contemporary animated films from around the world with a family-friendly audience in mind.

New York Film Festival

On the occasion of the festival’s 60th anniversary, Museum of the Moving Image is pleased to partner with Film at Lincoln Center to screen highlights from the 2022 edition of NYFF (September 30–October 16) in Queens.

New York Greek Film Expo 2022

Now in its fifth iteration, the Greek Film Expo, which takes place at venues around New York City and Westchester from September 29–October 9, gives an overview of the range of current filmmaking in Greece, with films that will be of interest to a wide audience.

New York Poets: Manfred Kirchheimer & Leo Hurwitz

This retrospective of Manfred Kirchheimer films places his work next to a selection of rare and underappreciated films by Leo Hurwitz, the legendary documentary filmmaker for whom Kirchheimer photographed several films during the sixties. October 15–23.

Persistent Visions

An ongoing series dedicated to creatively pairing historical and contemporary experimental works and inspiring a dialogue across generations of filmmakers, films, and techniques.

Science on Screen: Extinction and Otherwise

This ongoing series draws attention to the socioeconomic, political, and ecological structures that have contributed to our unstable times.

Haunted Houses and Terrible Tombs: Roger Corman and Edgar Allan Poe

Legendary cult filmmaker Roger Corman entered the 1960s in lavish color with a cycle of Poe adaptations, which continue to be popular among horror fans for their gothic scenery, weird atmosphere, and deliciously villainous performances from series stalwart Vincent Price. October 28–30.




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