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Pioneering Women in Australian Cinema

The screening series seeks to highlight the contributions of queer, feminist, migrant, and Indigenous women filmmakers and their stories, which are focused on class, work, education, friendship, and—as always for such a geographically isolated country—dreams.

See It Big: 70mm!

Our annual 70mm series returns with an exhilarating selection of classics new and old!

Future Man: Douglas Trumbull

Probably no single figure in movies has contributed more to the development of special effects in the second half of the 20th century than Douglas Trumbull.

Disreputable Cinema

Often called cult or underground, these films comprise a subculture of hidden gems and alternative classics that often challenge the norms of art and entertainment

Jim Henson's World

The imaginative, playful, creative, and prolific film and television work of Jim Henson is celebrated in this recurring screening series.

White Zombies: Nightmares of Empire

This series, beginning with the Bela Lugosi horror classic White Zombie, will chart the zombie’s propensity to mirror not just the horror of imperialism but also a multitude of its anxieties, from miscegenation to war.

Queens on Screen

This monthly program spotlights not only the films set or filmed in our home borough of Queens, but also the artists that help exemplify the most diverse community in the world.

Silents, Please!

A monthly program of silent treasures, both well known and newly unearthed, for audiences of all ages to enjoy, often presented with live accompaniment.

World of Animation

This monthly series presents both classic and contemporary animated films from around the world with a family-friendly audience in mind.

Science on Screen: Extinction and Otherwise

This ongoing series draws attention to the socioeconomic, political, and ecological structures that have contributed to our unstable times.

New Adventures in Nonfiction

For several years now, the most consistently adventurous, unpredictable, intelligent, and dynamic films have been works of nonfiction.

The Caan Film Festival

This special September edition celebrates the life, career, and legacy of the legendary James Caan, who sadly died earlier this summer. The series brings together more than a dozen films spanning half a century.



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